First, get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Next, I'll ask you to e-mail me some photos of your space, along with a brief description of what you are wanting to achieve.

During our in home consultation,  we will discuss in detail the space and how all the ideas could work. 

In the few days after our meeting, I will email you all the notes, ideas and general thoughts-along with sketches and examples. 


If you would like more definite design direction, I will put together the whole concept-all with your approval of course, this would include shopping lists for basically everything required for the space we are working on. This will all be put together in a personalised folder.

*Includes paint colour consultation

*get in touch to find out more*


Need help with choosing the right colour's for your project?

I also work with Action painters otago so if you need a painter, we can help with that also. 


If you don't want to do anything major, like painting or knocking walls out...I can still help! 

Nothing like a fresh pair of eyes to see how to change things up at your place.

My favourite thing is getting creative with pieces you already have at home- It is amazing what a lick of paint or some new fabric on an old chair can do.

If you really don't like the pieces you have at home or are starting from scratch-I can help you with that by looking through my list of suppliers to help you create a space you LOVE!! 


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